Cedar Group

Program Details

Our Drop-off program is open to potty-trained kids ages 3-8.

The Cedar Group meets Tuesday through Thursday from 10am-2pm at Bald Mountain State Park.

Children in our Cedar Program experience the freedom of learning valuable life skills at their own pace, in an outdoor environment that fully supports their needs for play and exploration! Your child will be learning through experiences -  asking questions, taking risks, sharing tales with others, practicing the art of stillness and honing their senses,  getting to know wild living things, and exploring the mysteries of nature. Each day will look different, as we tailor to the passions and interests of each child in our program, as well as the ever-shifting seasons and cycles of the natural world around us! We maintain a student to teacher ratio of 4 -1 so that we are able to truly connect with each child every day.

Your child may register to attend 1, 2, or 3 days a week. We know the importance of having a predictable schedule, and the security that it provides young children, so we ask that you commit to a consistent day or days each week to attend (for example, every Tuesday and Thursday).

Membership pricing for our drop-off program is done using a sliding-scale model, in hopes of making Nature school more accessible for as many families as possible! This is based on Yearly Family Income. Take a look at the chart below to see what your monthly payment would be. If you have further questions regarding this, please reach out and we would love to share more information!

We Currently have openings for Tuesdays in our Cedar Program!