Oak Group (Family Friday - All Ages)

Program Details

Our 'Family Friday' group is open to all ages with a parent or caregiver!

The Oak Group meets year-round from 10am-1pm at  Bald Mountain State Park, and will occasionally plan 'trips' to explore other parks and lands.

This is a perfect opportunity to prepare your younger kids for a drop-off program, and help them gain more comfort and confidence spending longer stretches outdoors. If you have a child in our Cedar group, attending Fridays will be an excellent time for them to share with you all the exciting places and activities they've been experiencing throughout the week. 

If you love exploring the forest and want to learn and feel the magic of nature school yourself, come join us on Fridays! 

The Oaks Program cost is $10 per family per week.

This will include a guided hike (either by us, or our knowledgeable student leaders and learners), a nourishing snack, an activity, game, craft, and a deepening connection to the land and community around you!